Have you tried to follow diets time and again and then ended up bingeing on unhealthy foods?

Do you sabotage your progress at the first sign of emotional stress?

You’ve probably heard it before, but diets do not work! This is because you need to change your way of eating and your relationship with food. Properly. Not try this for a while, then try that for a while. If you revert to your earlier habits, guess what happens? The weight piles back on. And then it’s a yo yo habit that can be hard to break.

I offer evidence-based hypnotherapy for weight loss. Through working with me, people have come up with new ways of eating and lost weight easily.

We will work with your mindset and give you tools that have worked for thousands of others who follow a sustainable plan. A four-session weight-loss package costs GBP250.

The Ketogenic Diet (High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carbohydrate) as researched by Tim Noakes et al, is a great way of eating to follow which includes cutting out sugar and all processed foods. Check out Tim Noakes’ book “The Real Meal Revolution“. I recommend books by Michael Moseley.

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Your package will include:

1 initial consultation session to ascertain the areas where you most need help and an initial guided visualisation session.

3 further sessions which target specific areas of concern for you, areas where you feel you can change learned responses. Hypnotherapy or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session if required.

One shorter, final session if required to recap and renew anything of concern. In between support by email as needed.

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When you book, you will be sent a form to complete to target your specific areas.  We can do this face to face or by Skype, Zoom or VSee video link.