I’m passionate about helping people become more self-affirming and accepting of themselves, together with building a self-awareness that helps you pinpoint the obstacles in your life and through gently talking things through and occasional challenges I aim to help you become the best version of yourself in a safe positive space.

It’s amazing how sometimes talking things through with someone who is not connected to you and your life can help bring a spotlight to the aspects of yourself that you want to shift.  Effective listening, together with the skills I have learned through my own life, learning and previous work with clients over nearly 15 years – I trust will help you evolve into who you need to be.  Counselling has helped me when I experienced some difficult times and I would love for you to experience a similar gift.

Working creatively with worksheets, images, and even stones often helps when the words don’t come easily and gives a subconscious insight into how things may or may not be working out.

Psychotherapy / Counselling

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