Coaching aims to equip individuals with the tools they need to reach their goals, be they life goals, career goals and relationship goals.  It is focused on the here and now rather than a backwards look as to how you got to where you are.

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A Therapeutic Coach can help you by asking specific questions to raise awareness of your needs, your strengths and where you can make improvements.  A therapeutic coach can help you get clear on what you truly want and your authentic true self.  In addition we will uncover some of your beliefs that may well be holding you back from realising your true potential.


A coach will also assist in creating step-by step action plans to reach your goals and help with on-going support through changes or obstacles, or if the goals change along the way, providing tools and techniques to create lasting success and change.


If you are looking for relationship support, the coach will focus on you, your relationships and what you bring to a relationship and through understanding your background and your belief system, help you get really clear on what you want in a relationship and how you truly want to feel.