Relationships – 12 Top Tips

Top Tips for Managing Your Relationship

1. Recall those early days when you *always* had time for each other, remember the feeling.

2. Discover each others’ primary Love Language… and do it! [click the link for the recommended book!]

3. Set aside any differences you’ve had in the past and now.

4. Make time every day to “check in” on how you are both feeling.

5. If conflicts arise, observe the following:
– acknowledge the feeling (yours and theirs)
– respond (rather than react)
– If you cannot resolve right now, ask for some time to reflect
– avoid defensive behaviour (eg. “no, I didn’t” or “but you said…”)

6. Make time for a “date” every week, where you both solely focus on each other, leaving all negatives behind.

7. “To assume makes an ass of you and me”… if you feel you are in danger of assuming when you’re not sure, take time to ask questions.

8. If you are told “you should know by now”, acknowledge that yes, you perhaps should know by now but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to refresh or remind.

9. When you both feel comfortable again with each other, ask one important question to which an answer would make a world of difference to you.

10. Remind your partner how much you appreciate whatever they do for you.

11. Tell your partner how much they mean to you.

12. Lastly if feelings to arise that are difficult to process or feelings that you cannot bring up between yourself and your partner, write them down in a diary, date and keep.

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