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Relationship Patterns

Do you find that you keep repeating relationship patterns and keep getting involved with the same person but with a different face?

Do you find that even though he says he loves you, you don’t feel loved, or perhaps you feel smothered?

Do you feel insecure in your relationships?

Perhaps you feel as though each time you state your feelings, they somehow get turned around, and you end up apologising for feeling the way that you do?

Maybe you have emotional needs that are not being met?

Relationships are a dynamic, interactive and two-way process. They grow, change and evolve as an entity just as you do. As you change, in an ideal relationship, things get talked through and both of you evolve as individuals and draw together as a couple. In less than ideal relationships one person travels whilst the other stays static. With a strong basis for understanding these difficulties can be worked through if desired.

Your past can dictate those whom you are drawn to, just as your sense of self-worth can draw you to relationships that may be ambivalent or static.

Work with me to discover your relationship patterns, improve your sense of self and self-worth and stop repeating patterns of relating that can be destructive.

It’s not just about you and your needs, but how you relate to others given your own sense of self in the world.

John Donne said “No man is an island, entire of himself”.

We are social beings in this world but sometimes we need a helping hand to understand our own inner needs whilst complementing this with our way of being in the world. Relationships are the cornerstone of our human existence.

Work with me to discover your own patterns of relating, your sense of self and self-worth, and learn how to create better relationships both intimate and in the wider social context and as a result, feel totally at one within you!

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