A Modular, Online Approach to Transforming Your Life, 1 hour at a time!

  • Feel you want Therapy but don’t want to just sit and be listened to?
  • Want to take an active part in learning your patterns of relating and self-awareness?
  • Perhaps you want to find out more about your own Limiting Beliefs?
  • Feel like you’re lacking in confidence and seek a helping hand?
  • Relationship patterns repeat and you just want to make sense of them?
  • Want to learn more about learning to “Simply Be” in your world?
  • Managing conflicts are frequently emotional and you wish for a better way?


Do you have at least 1 hour free each week to work on yourself and your belief systems?

My 12 week modular programme is designed to help you in all of these areas and you can take one module or all of them depending on your circumstances.

The weeks include:

* Assessment
* Self Care
* Your Social Network
* Relationships
* Spirituality
* Your Physical World Movement
* Self Acceptance / Forgiveness
* Time Out week
* Self-Confidence
* Belief Systems
* Play!
* Your Work & Conflict Resolution

Each Module includes:

2 – 3 inspirational videos, worksheets and exercises, and some motivational meditative recordings.

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