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Or… how to Eradicate Irrational Thought Processes

The Mind is… malleable

Your Consciousness is… aware

Your thoughts define how you want to be

With that in mind, it might seem that your thoughts might lead to an awareness of things not being right, and then a desire to do something about those thoughts less the mind goes into a state of nothingness, despair, depression as your consciousness determines the awareness that you have.

This is termed rabbit hole thinking! You can end up spiralling down into a deep abyss of despair, sadness and possibly confusion with little true realisation as to how you got there; or at least some realisation. This realisation can be all consuming, and you find yourself looking for ways to quell these feelings.

Had the feelings not manifested in the first instance, through your thoughts, then you might not be where you are now.

This is a huge clue in a quest for a truly magical mindset.

What is happening? How is it different from say a week ago when you weren’t in this mindset?

What is different?

You feel you do not have the power over your thoughts.

So you seek external ways to validate or invalidate the abyss you’re now in. The dangers of addictive behaviour, self-harm, further rabbit holes of despair may now take hold.

And yet … all it took was as thought.

Think about that. Come up the hole and think about where that thought came from and how it manifested.

Yes, it was YOU. No one else but you.

And that’s a great realisation because now YOU know you have the power to change that thought, through a different mind-set. After all, if the mind is malleable then clearly it can change. And with that malleability and changed mind-set comes a different awareness.

But how?

You will need to go back to the basics of WHO you are, WHAT you enjoy and HOW you go about including those things into your daily life.

Make a list now of who you think you are, and don’t hold back. Include all the values you have in life and mark them off, thinking about how they impact or resonate with you on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for more along this “wavelength” some of which ties in with the Three Principles, then try this little book; read every sentence carefully and allow the words to sink in:

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