The Legal Stuff

For successful therapy there is a requirement an essential framework to be in place.  This is to protect both client and coach / therapist and is in keeping with all successful business policies.

  1. A business contract
  2. A therapeutic contract


The Business Contract

Meeting on a weekly basis for an agreed number of sessions or meeting on an open-ended basis with an agreed ending session at least one week in advance.

If arrangements have been made to meet on an open-ended weekly basis, a minimum of 48 hours’ working notice (excluding weekends) is required to cancel, or alternative arrangements need to be made for later that same week.

Any change to this arrangement may result in a cancellation fee on a sliding scale.  This is to protect both of us and I also agree to honour these terms within the remit of my services.

With a fixed number of sessions, we both agree to honour the agreed day and time unless special circumstances dictate, in which case 48 hours’ working notice are required or cancellation fees may be applicable.  If the appointment is on a Tuesday afternoon then cancellation needs to be done by the preceding Friday afternoon latest and a new appointment made.  Cancellation can be done by telephone, text, WhatsApp or email and confirmation and rebooking is required later that same week or the following week with special consent.

Ending sessions

Unless we have agreed in advance the date of the ending session, notification of ending coaching / therapy needs to be given at least one week ahead of time.  Once offered, coaching / therapy is agreed to take place on a weekly basis unless otherwise discussed or a change in session date and time has been previously agreed.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Sessions are available as follows:

Free introductory telephone consultation – 20 minutes

Initial introductory session – 45 – 50 minutes (£40)

One off hourly session – 60 minutes (£55)

Regular weekly (hourly) session – 60 minutes

Hypnotherapy initial session – 90 minute (£70)

Block booking of 4 sessions at 60 minutes each – £200.

Weight Loss package 4 sessions with additional check-ins – £250.

Normally payable in advance or at the time of the session unless a contractual agreement is in place as above and cancellations may be chargeable or re-booked for the same week.

Fees:  £55 per 60 minute session, £70 per 90 minute session.

If you pay in advance of the session, there is a 10 percent reduction via my online booking system.

The business contract is in place to protect client and coach / therapist.   Once therapy has commenced, acceptance of these terms is deemed as legally binding between therapist and client(s), may only be varied by written mutual Agreement and shall be governed in all respects by English Law. All other aspects of this agreement are covered in the working contract, supplied at the commencement of work together.