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Divorce – A New Beginning?

Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events in life.

To start with, there is the build up to the separation which in itself can be living in constant difficulty, wondering whether to separate or not, whatever conflicts you may be experiencing and then the decision is finally made. Perhaps you have children, and telling them is one of the worst things you’ve ever had to do in your life. Then one of you moves out, or you both move out.

Perhaps that is a sense of relief, but then you find it’s not over. You have finances to agree, maintenance and any other kind of settlement. Sometimes maintenance is not agreed and wrangles may continue long after the split has taken place. You worry about the effect on your children, you see your ex with a new partner. It’s tough, the children (if you have them) may want you to “be a family again”.

Well meaning friends and family inform you of the statistics, they wonder why you didn’t try harder, or worse, think you’ll somehow “infect” them with divorce.

I have helped people resurface from the stressful feelings of divorce and worked with them to move on from patterns that do not serve, and often it is a case of learning how to de-stress yourself and to love yourself again.

Perhaps you may want a new relationship, or you’ve walked into another one that is a replica – feelings-wise – of the one you had with your ex. Whatever it is that is in your situation, I can help hand-hold you through to your desired future.

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