Current times

Having supposedly put the last two years behind us we now have a new enemy in our midst, war that is taking place in Eastern Europe – in whatever shape or form it seems to be taking – and innocent people are caught up in it.

Not being a geopolitical activist and having limited knowledge about that part of the world I am unqualified to comment, but if the past two years have shown us anything at all, the mainstream media have served to fuel up all manner of hatred, division and separation, doing nothing whatsoever to serve humanity and leading to even greater personal struggles both within and without.

Indeed I might go so far as to hold our main publishing channels responsible for the increase in mental anguish, suicide etc., as people are encouraged to hate one part of society and love another, or encouraged to get a medical intervention without any true consent or informed choice.  Billions of people over the past two years succumbed to the possible propaganda that said a deadly disease was in our midst and that an intervention was required.

On both counts this was incorrect advice.  There are many instances all over the internet which illustrate data (which some will also argue is potentially skewed and all shown to show the results the author’s want you to see) that now portray the illness as only “killing” a little over 6000 and the tests, being also as faulty and not even designed to diagnose, serve (and continue to serve) absolutely no purpose except a control of a country’s citizens or intended travellers.  Evidence is also emerging that people who have been double / triple medicated are more likely to get sick as their immune systems are compromised.  Again this is searchable online.

Then we search online and we find that our searches are compromised; the science is “hard fact” and a “given”, but science, like most things in life, is another belief system which seemingly overlooks the increase in autoimmune complications including rheumatoid arthritis, autism and associated autism spectrum disorders, anxiety in very young children and more.  The answer you’ll get is that the diagnosis is superior these days to justify the “rise”; ie it’s not really a rise at all.  Many other diseases such as thyroid complications, cancers are also increasing year on.  Yet the number of injectable medications are on the rise such that we will HAVE to get these because our God given immune system is not as it was before more so many injectables were available.  The evidence we have is flimsy at best so there’s little or no actual “proof”, supposedly only anecdotal evidence.

But what has been done is measurement of data before and after certain new medications were brought in; there are valuable books out there to support what I say – for example Dr Suzanne Humphries who co-wrote Dissolving Illusions, and Dr John Hamer who wrote the Falsification of Science.  These show in most cases that dis-ease was on the decline *before* the injectables were brought in.

And all these “alternative people” such as Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Jayne Donegan, Dr Andrew Wakefield are known on Wikipedia as “anti-v… activists and more.  At what point are we going to realise that questioning mass vacs is nothing to do with being anti-v, it is simply about asking questions and seeking truthful answers and I do not believe we will (unfortunately) get them in the mainstream literature.

Once one wakes up to the information that much of what we have in our mainstream belief zones has been planted there never to be challenged, it starts to make one think that we do not actually know much at all unless we delve behind the influential and hypnotic mainstream.

But what’s the point, I hear you ask?  The point is to find our own inner truth, question everything and see the dark, controlling future ahead of us unless we stop complying.  It is time to create our new world, save ourselves and find our own inner peace.  The system won’t change whilst we comply *or* fight with it; it will change when we walk away and co-create.

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