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Let’s consider January 2020.  A time when the news appeared to be filtering through that there was some global “bug” going round; we’d heard these sorts of news items before – swine flu in 2009 or thereabouts (there was a financial crash in 2008). Ebola (first known entry that I found was in 1976, but it reached headlines in 2014); and now the C-V-D-19.  The news was dramatic, it felt like it was portrayed in a very specific way to scare the masses – and in fact I’ve read many a report suggesting that NLP and behavioural psychology was used to increase the fear and dread in people to behave.  And yet the disease was downgraded on 19th March. (click the link)

Needless to say the UK gov still opted to go for a nationwide lockdown just four days later.  By the way read the minutes of March 22 where they were talking about “increasing the fear” in the masses – in fact you can read it here.

As we know, a spike occurred in April / May, a couple of months later than the “normal” timeline for flu.  But the overall ONS statistics do not reflect overall excess deaths once allowing for population growth by comparison to earlier years.  If you disagree then I suggest you watch this interview [click the link] with Adrian   discussing how mathematics was used to justify the measures taken and trick the masses into accepting the consequences of the lockdown and subsequently implementing further measures designed to keep us locked down, wearing masks (which are dangerous to our overall health – there are a lot of scientific studies supporting this but not on the mainstream of course) – Vernon Coleman addresses that one here and into coercing us into accepting an experimental jab.  Incidentally it was always about the jab.  BBC marketing.

When I first began researching what was going on, I instinctively felt several things.  The first was that ok, so there’s a bug going round, we need to take care.  If a deadly bug was really going on, surely we’d have seen more deaths overall, but nonetheless we followed the guidelines even though something didn’t feel quite right.  My medical pals would tell me some stories about hospitals being full of patients and makeshift mortuaries being set up, but this wasn’t the case across the board.

Thoughts that I voiced at the time was that this obviously couldn’t go on as where would it end?  Clearly people were going to lose businesses; they would have mental health issues due to being disconnected from loved ones and their work, which could possibly lead to much more dramatic consequences for many people, which have been borne out.  Not to mention those whose operations and treatments were cancelled due to the theoretical overwhelmed NHS (empty hospitals – disputed in the media and first hand videos of empty wards – who to believe – in my case, definitely not the BBC any more).  It affected dentistry and vets too.  Schools closed and pupils missed out on seeing their friends, graduating the end of their class year, missing examinations.  All learning moving to online.

The impact of the sledgehammer approach to a flu-type bug was massive as we are now seeing.  And now we see the introduction of a type of “health apartheid” whereby children who have returned to school are asked to sit at the back of the class if they do not participate in the twice weekly lateral flow testing or are “unable” to wear masks; some even asked to wear a button to illustrate their so-called “non compliance”. This is reminiscent of the “yellow star” that Jews wore during the Nazi occupation. Many parents are withdrawing their children, opting to home school so as to avoid this separation.

Here is a home-based experiment on mask wearing, illustrating the dangerous amounts of CO2 that are breathed in after a mere 2-3 minutes.

I was given names of certain people to look up such as Tom Cowan, Ivor Cummings, Dolores Cahill, Dr Heiko Schöning and many more including Mike Yeaden, former VP of Pfizer and scientific researcher (now denounced as “conspiracy theorists”) which took me down quite a few rabbit holes towards the end of September 2020 – whilst news kept filtering in about the numbers of deaths, the R numbers etc., (watch the video about the deception of mathematics re-linked here) along with the now popular daily “doom” 5pm news on the BBC.  I came across virologists, immunologists, statisticians, vax researchers and many more …. I read widely and checked articles; some articles needed binning because they were either simply alarmist for the sake of it, others were worthy of further research.  And yet the mainstream simply says that vaxs are safe and protect you from disease.  If you don’t want one, then clearly you are willing to risk a deadly disease which may kill you.  Emotive and unscientific responses?  Now explain the science behind them; oh you’re not going to? Clearly we need to research for ourselves then.  If you think that’s dangerous, then let’s have a wide, proper open debate, free from vested interests.

A lady called Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands pulled together several series’ of information articles and videos that explained the process all the way through, with hours of verifiable research.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

Dolores Cahill talked about the vax (you might argue it depends on the one you get) and how it is gene therapy.  The main argument not in favour of the vx is that the illness has a 99.8% survival rate and the vx thus far has a 2-5% adverse reaction effect, see data from the VAERS database with more on the yellow card UK gov site.  And more information here on the latest adverse reactions. And this is without mentioning the lawsuits (https://www.thebernician.net/papers-laid-alleging-pandemic-fraud-against-hancock-whitty-vallance-ferguson/) and (http://totalhealthmatters.co.uk/covid-19-starting-litigation-for-crimes-against-humanity-dr-reiner-fuellmich/ – there’s an online YouTube link discussing the case with Reiner Fuellmich) that are being brought; there’s been some success in some countries.  Belgium for one, and now Finland.  Whether you believe these will carry any weight of success is irrelevant, it is about the fact that there is a case to be heard.  One on the case fraud and one with the PCR fraud.

If you were to buy a car, you would want a warranty from the manufacturers, right?  There is no indemnity with the vax manufacturers; In the UK there is a £120,000 gov payout if you can prove that your life is adversely compromised.  Where does that money come from?  Your taxes?

Yet the UK government “corporation” is bankrupt!  On my research travels I discovered some of the extent to which global governments are in debt.  Thus having a “health” crisis can speed up the process of further debt, necessitating the need for this reset that we all love to hate.

Did you know that an Act is not Law?  This is why you hear about people saying “I do not consent”.  It isn’t nonsense!  A policeman will ask you “Do You Understand”?  You say no, because if you say yes, then you “stand under” the policeman.  A policeman is arguably under oath and that oath is with common law.  “do no harm”.  An act only becomes law with the consent of the governed.

To find out that you have been lied to for most of your life on what really goes on in the world is, for many, far too much to take on.  It rocks our foundation of existence; they call it cognitive dissonance which is why many will insult those who tell them these things and denounce them as conspiracy theorists. How is that building connections and communities? Isn’t it human nature to discuss and compare and listen to all perspectives?  But this one is different.  What, pray, is TRUTH?

It means that everything we have learned – from the 20th century wars (at least) to the current day (medicine as one example)  – is a complete lie – with the odd dash of a truth to keep us hooked (gaslighting, very common in abusive relationships).  We know that pharmacology does not always give ideal results, we also know that the MMR jab (the scapegoating of Andrew Wakefield) had some complications and links with autism that have been disputed and censored in the mainstream.  Why? Because it doesn’t suit the agenda of getting people to conform and be controlled.  Have you looked at the incidence and increased prevalence in Autism over the past 50 years?   We know Big Pharma makes millions out of sick people; vax’s are big business, funded by Bill Gates, the philanthropist who arguably created computer viruses so he could sell the solution.

Problem -> reaction -> solution.  Marketing through our own television.   Re-watch the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony and witness predictive programming.

And there is another sinister side to this agenda.

That the “virus” was planned for reasons beyond the remit of this post.

Recommended viewing – Rik Mayall “One by One” (2014) Not many months later he was dead; suspected heart attack; yet his wife claimed he didn’t have a heart condition.

More recommended viewing, They Live, starring Roddy Piper directed by John Carpenter (1988)

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test who said this is not a test to be used for diagnostic purposes as it can pick up any viral matter whatsoever.  Interesting that he died in August 2019, just before the “pandemic” kicked off.

I am NOT saying these are all related and I don’t want to continue deep dive researching into every strange death but it strikes me as very odd and makes me realise something is NOT right.

Ridiculous you might say.  Yes, I might well have said the same a year ago.  We are effectively watching a pantomime, nothing I see on TV is real; we joke about the fact that they have our data anyway, they know what we eat, and what we drink.  Do we now want to give them permission to vet our medical status?  Why was GDPR brought in a year or two back?  Scan our biometric id before we venture into a pub or restaurant?  Because by NOW many can see we are headed that way with the concept of the NHS Covid-tracker storing our health status.  With the idea of “temporary” vax passports surely you can see this will be stretched out – after – last year – 3 weeks to flatten the curve, stretching through to Easter 2021 with the occasional break during the summer?  Unless we stand up and say NO MORE and stop complying.

Germ theory and Terrain theory – what is the difference?

Very simplistically Germ theory is what medical doctors are taught at med school and that curing the symptom of an illness makes everything better. Or in the case of cancer (we all carry cancer cells by the way, another research item for you) we zap it with radiography / chemotherapy and / or cut it out of the body.  Sometimes it is successful and a patient has their life extended beyond that which they may have experienced without treatment. If you have a disease, to eradicate it you use medication or perhaps immunisation.  Sometimes medication leads to side effects, sometimes the side effects get medicated etc.  Of course, allopathic medicine has an important part to play.  Prescriptions for anti-anxiety / depression have risen dramatically over the past year, as have people seeking counselling for those very issues.

Terrain theory is the belief that it is the combination of environment and the person – how the two interact, synergistically speaking.  You might cure a symptom but there be an underlying root cause.  The bio-psycho-social approach (what I also practise in therapy) – is about the whole person in their environment to see where the issues lie and what the client can do about altering any of that usefully – my approach is focused on the emotional issues a client is experiencing.  Terrain theory considers the importance of nutrition and how certain foods and supplements can boost immunity and help in cancer management, but also help with many other auto-immune conditions and weight management.

The two (germ/ terrain theory) can overlap complementarily with the correct balance of treatments if the practitioner is fully aware.  But not all doctors are; doctors are paid to give injections and thus financially incentivised.  Jayne Donegan is one holistic doctor who has both medical training and homoeopathic training.  We have the frequently used divisive terms “anti vax” which helps no one and simply perpetuates the divide.  People don’t suddenly decide to reject any vax’s and become anti-vax; they are simply researching and looking at consequences of mass immunisation and the conclusion that many well-educated people come up with is that for many people, it can be dangerous with long standing complications in regards to vax damage.  Please consult the VAERS database in the USA for more information.  And if we could come up with a healthy debate for and against instead of demonising people who do not want to be vaxed, I believe we’d be a more emotionally healthy society too.

Read the book “Dissolving Illusions”, available at many well known book stores.  It discusses our “forgotten” (censored?) medical history especially in the light of increased immunisations.  Ask yourself about the increase in alzheimers / dementia, autism, add, and many other auto immune disorders.  Why are they on the increase?  Look up another book entitled “What Really Makes You Ill”.

Now the problem comes when people suggest that the “holistic” arena is full of quacks making a lot of money out of sick people.  Yes, there are, but this is also exactly what the “allopathic” medical industry is; Big Pharma is also making money out of sick people.  If you subscribe to the theory that you need a medicine to treat a condition, which then leads to another condition, you prescribe another treatment to manage those side effects, eventually you have a very sick person with a number of issues that cannot be effectively managed.  Cases such as these are not talked about in our mainstream – that would possibly stop the “control” of the masses, wouldn’t it?

I’d also like to mention Munchausen by Proxy – which is a mental health problem in which a caregiver makes up or causes an illness or injury in a person under his or her care, such as a child, an elderly adult, or a person who has a disability. Because vulnerable people are the victims, MSBP is a form of abuse.  This is precisely what our gov has inflicted upon us; pretend we are ill so we don’t pass it on to others by locking ourselves down in our own home.

The point I want to make is that we trust our doctors to know what’s best for us without researching our symptoms and finding out ourselves through extensive questioning and trying out what works for us.  Standard advice, for example regarding heart patients is to prescribe statins, alleged to reduce cholesterol; cholesterol is demonised when we actually need cholesterol.  Watch the story of Tony who reversed heart disease following a heart attack, and also type 2 diabetes through diet.

So is a virus contagious?  Click the link to find out one “opinion”.  If you aren’t sure, don’t blindly trust our government nor the BBC.  Not all “scientists” are equal! Is a virus transmissible by airborne transmission? The only way in which a virus appears to be transmissible is via the bloodstream (according to current accessible research). Thus the ways in which the government is responding to the people appears to be open to debate.

A virus is not a living organism.  your body has toxins inside and your body needs to get rid of it.  Hence we have symptoms.  You have a virus because there is something that is unbalanced in your body, the virus is peculiar to you and no one else.  

During  these times bodies of c-v-d 19 patients have been incinerated (as tested or not, diagnosed with or without testing); but some places have carried out autopsies.  I’d also like to add here that there were financial incentives in diagnosing the illness; in addition if someone tested positive within 28 days but then died from heart failure, the patient was added into the “virus” statistics.

In Italy one such patient autopsy was found to have EMF radiation, in Russia they found patients with influenza type A or B.  These are verifiable.   May people suggest that there is a link between c-v-d-19 and 5G radiation so that would tally with the Italian patient autopsy.

Since SARS-COV-2 has never been isolated in accordance with Kochs Postulates (click the link to explore the definition or see Dr Sam Bailey further down this page) which arguably leads to “covid-19” it cannot be said to exist. Therefore we have a “case-demic” rather than a “pan-demic”.  People have died of what they normally die of every year.  It is absolutely tragic but it means people have been wrongly diagnosed.  And don’t forget the power of the human mind and suggestion.  Yes there was a bug, but that particular bug has mutated.  There are literally thousands of mutations, just like the flu, which is partly why the flu vax is at best, 50% effective due to the mutations.  You might find similar with the current jab (it’s not a vx, it’s gene therapy); it is designed for one type of virus and yet if it encounters a different one, which is highly likely, it is possible that your body will produce a cytokine storm as your immune system attacks itself when it does come into contact with a wild virus (howsoever you contract it) or even a cold.  The point is NO ONE KNOWS!

Many will argue that a virus is contagious (I searched and didn’t find a suitable affirmation – if you find one, please send me a link).  Yet experiments have been done with extrapolating a virus from a mouse, injecting it into another mouse with the newly injected mouse not displaying any signs of the virus.

Here’s Dr Sam Bailey talking about isolation of the virus.

Here she is again in another video about the illness.

We cannot blindly trust that the “establishment” knows best when it comes to the “common good” as it is used to manipulate, control us (divide us too, as we can see by our own example) and is financially motivated.  We therefore cannot also blindly trust that the government – deep down – really cares for us as a people and wants what is best for us.  No, it seeks to control us, divide us, depopulate us (yes) and lead us – perhaps blindly – down this garden path of pseudo communism where we are shortly to be obligated to display our “health status” prior to going back to our normal entertainment systems (pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, festivals, you name it).

If YOU are compliant with all of this you are also now responsible for continuing to perpetuate this massive fraud that has been thrust upon us.

Give me good reason that you know that the virus is definitely contagious and a vax is the only solution?  Show me your research that implies you believe the only way to get out of this mess is to take an experimental vx putting your own health at an unknown risk?  You will have researched properly before taking it?  And give me reasons why you believe this is the best way forwards?

We cannot yet fully know the consequences of this jab; many experts are being silenced, censored and criticised in the mainstream say quite categorically that whilst this jab is

a) experimental (till January 2023) (Dr Roger Hodkinson speaks)
b) loaded with interesting ingredients to name a few:
AZ jab contents: COVID 19 Vaccine (ChAdOx1-S* recombinant) 5 × 10^10 viral particles *Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike glycoprotein.
Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells.
This product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
The other excipients are:
L-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate
magnesium chloride hexahydrate
polysorbate 80
ethanol (alcohol)
sodium chloride
disodium edetate dehydrate
water for injection

c) gene therapy
d) manufactured in a laboratory where they produce adren*chrome (address label) – research that for yourself.  If you’re unlucky, it will send you back to the idea that this is another conspiracy theory.  Use www.duckduckgo.com for all searches, better still use a VPN such as www.nord.com.

Listen to Mike Yeadon discussing the vax.

Also have a watch of Dan Astin Gregory’s Pandemic Podcast with Mike Yeadon here.

I’ve always held that it is a good idea to research to find out more about what is going into one’s body, with the human trials designed to run until January 2023 we won’t know the full scale of the jab’s impact.  The AZ jab has been associated with thrombosis / blood clots etc., and has been withdrawn from 15 European countries due to these side effects.

I started down the rabbit holes of research in September 2020.  You know when you find a truth?  It resonates, it makes sense; you know when you find a lie? There’s an underlying sense of discomfort that something isn’t quite right.

Trump was always portrayed badly in the media – many of us have been led to believe that – but what if he actually wasn’t the buffoon they led us to believe he was?.

Check out Dr Vernon Coleman (who left his GP practice because he was unwilling to write “depression” on an employee’s sick note and preferred to write a white lie in order not to betray patient confidentiality).

Check out also Rachel Elnaugh (former Dragon’s Den winner, Red Letter days). She has weekly zoom sessions for all those who feel they need a place to go, to feel heard or to be among other like minded people who are questioning the narrative. They are held on a Monday at 12 noon.

Lastly whatever your  beliefs, we are all in this storm together – we are simply navigating using different boats. If you believe differently I respect that just as I hope you will respect mine, as it is said in LOVE.

And if you are seeking solutions – to help with any complex feelings you are experiencing, solutions to how we make a better life through connections, remember WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.  Any divisions you are experiencing are yours and if we disagree that is also a space we need to recognise and heal from.

A world with interconnectedness, community spirited, where we all help one another is my vision.

All I say in closing, question everything. If you are 100% happy with the way our world is, carry on but please… research everything – including everything I say.

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