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When did you last “check in” with yourself?

We go about our daily business, sometimes so busy on getting ourselves ready for the next task on our list we are perhaps on autopilot.  A rant here and there, a diary entry and then thoughts of the next meal.  Do we have the right ingredients in the fridge / pantry / cupboard, are all the dishes clean?  Is there a recipe available, or is it a simple meal tonight?  Are those close to you showing gratitude and vice versa?

How’s work going?

If we have pets, is there enough food, has the dog been walked?  What of our own personal needs such as simply taking care of ourselves so that we are fully present for those whom we care about?

Making space in the day just for us is so important; the obvious ones such as getting enough sleep (hard if you have a wakeful or high need baby, or even a young pet that needs looking after).  Having a glass of water nearby so we can stay hydrated which is also very important as water regulates our biological being.

Having the right balance of nutrients helps our physical and mental well-being to function adequately.  If you find yourself suffering with digestive issues, go through a mental check list of what you ingest on a daily basis.  If you are under medical assistance and have been prescribed various drugs to help keep you medicated or functioning as “normally” as possible, see if you can do an inventory of the drugs and see if you still require any or all of them – check in with your doctor that you’re on the correct regime if necessary.

Some people suggest taking a daily shot of “kefir”, a fermented yoghurt drink designed to keep your friendly gut bacteria at bay.  Were you aware that psychobiotics (pro biotics) can help alleviate anxiety?  Did you know about the gut-brain connection?  [click the link for more]

Going for some sort of daily exercise, pilates is great for those joints, ageing or otherwise, a regular walk or if you have a dog, the daily (or more often) walk is an essential part of caring for your dog and you in the process.  It can even be a form of meditation to walk among nature.

When you’ve finished looking after everyone else in the family, is there time for you?

Check in with yourself and think about what you need for today.


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