Please note that testimonials are not necessarily indicative of any specific results.  These are genuine testimonials from previous clients who have agreed to share some basic words.

Our marriage is better than ever and I feel more able to express my feelings and better equipped to contribute to our marriage. [male client]


Before I came for therapy I was feeling anxious, depressed and worried and wanted to feel calm and more in control and able to manage situations in my life. This was achieved and what I appreciated most was having a safe place to discuss matters troubling me and the calm atmosphere provided.[female client]

Before I met Kate, I was experiencing depression, anxiety and worthlessness and felt lonely; after seeing her for nearly a year I felt more confidence in myself and felt as if I could do anything , she also helped to question my feelings of depression which helped to clear it. I felt the creative tools [drawing] and intuitive cards helped me explain how I was feeling.  I would definitely return if the need arose. [female client]

I had six sessions with Kate – she was professional, insightful and intuitive and I found my time with her extremely helpful. Having come from a very dark place, I have been able to solve my own problems using the tools and support that Kate provided. I thoroughly recommend her”….. [female client]

Our marriage is better than ever and I feel more able to express my feelings and better equipped to contribute to our marriage. [male client]

I gradually became aware of what was causing my [insomnia] problems and sought wider reading through Kate to understand myself better and to nurture myself. [female client]

Kate is a very gifted and well-adjusted person who helped me face challenges that surfaced in new ways that benefited me.” The counselling was “very good from the beginning”.  [male client]

i found Kate easy to talk to, attentive, non-judgmental and sensitive. She was also understanding, caring and perceptive. I gained relief from talking about my problems which then enabled me to work out ways in which I could resolve them. I would return if the need arose…” [male client]

Kate was a sensitive, attentive listener and at the end of our sessions together I felt much change for the better….” [male client]

Hope you can keep up your excellent work, for me you were very intuitive” [female client]

Kate has helped me loads, even though I feel I’m in the depths of despair she has been there for me and I have managed to tell her something that I have never felt able to share with anyone! Kate is a truly amazing person who is definitely in the right job” [female client]

For me the sessions helped put things in perspective and gave me some tools. When I started I had hoped for a ‘cure’, but quickly accepted that this was unrealistic. I still do not have a grand plan, but I take a little more time for myself than I used to and try to be a bit more focused.” [male client]

One of Kate’s strengths is to be able to put things in writing, to ask pertinent questions without being intrusive. She does what she enjoys and is interested in, and it shows.

What I appreciated most about the counselling was a time for reflection and ability to talk freely. Always very impressed with Kate’s dedication and genuine desire to help – e.g researching outside of sessions and looking for different materials / styles etc.” [female client]

Just letting you know C and myself are back together now and are working things out, it’s uncanny how close your assessment of the problem was!!  I would just like to thank you for your support and help in my time of need!!” [male client]