What happened to 2021?

If you, like me were watching the news during the whole of 2020 with some degree of horror as you watched the worldwide events unfolding, perhaps you were left with many questions.

Many students more or less lost their academic year almost in entirety save for the online classes and intermittent “lockdowns” that took place; the year of 2020 was the precursor, and 2021 was the nailing of it all. Many people were unable to travel anywhere and the whole j-a-b programme was begun.

It was as if people were blind to any adverse reactions that many others experienced or the reactions were somehow overlooked or under reported in the mass media. During 2021 mass demonstrations occurred worldwide which were equally unnoticed or under reported in the media. It was as if, for those in whichever movement, there were parallel worlds sitting side by side.

Those who could see through the lies and propaganda from early on grew frustrated with those who seemed almost hypnotised to the agenda and those determined to get themselves jabbed at the earliest opportunity, a jab that is at the time of writing still in phase 3 clinical trials until 2023.

Those who were following the government agenda were frustrated with those whom they saw as “anti-vaxxers” and “anti-maskers” labelling them conspiracy theorists.

If I have a car and choose not to drive it, am I anti-car? If I decide not to eat the food provided for me, am I anti-food?

It is true that we all have our personal choice based on the information that is given to us. But what if we are NOT given all the information and what if, when we seek information, it is censored and suppressed, with some scientists and medical professionals labelled in a derogatory manner as conspiracy theorists? Last time I looked, there were just a small handful of “conspiracy theorists” such as David Icke and his sons. Now the world seems populated with them – I find that odd – don’t you?

I also find that the VAERS database and the Yellow Card government schemes for reporting v-a-x adverse reactions are on the one hand under reported (only 1-10% of reactions are ever reported) and on the other, seen as a weaponised database by the anti-v-x-rs. Surely both sides can’t be correct?

Many moons ago I was thoroughly behind all the v-a-x campaigns, believing as I was told that these injectables had eradicated disease. However many decades of research later (30 years if truth be told) has shown me that this is not the full truth. So like many others before me I risk being labelled with the same terminology by people who believe the paid government scientists; or perhaps not experienced adverse reactions nor seen their children acquire autoimmune disorders and autism. I have first hand experience of adverse reactions to medications including injectables; and heard friends’ stories about children becoming “different” after their first jab. A read of Dr Suzanne Humphries “Dissolving Illusions” is worth a read – but of course, denounced in the mainstream. If someone wants to hide something from you, you can be sure it will be shown as a conspiracy, a denier, an anti-xxx etc.  How on earth is this helping humanity?

Within these two worlds, our aim is the same; the good for all people and the desire for scientific data, accuracy and truth.  We all feel we have a duty to help, inspire and research the nub of what is happening.  Perhaps we need to come together and hear each other out.

Not only this, as a mental health professional I have seen people witness the death of loved ones who’ve had medical treatment cancelled, a vast increase in anxiety and other mental health issues, I am aware of the huge increase in suicides. If the world governments are seeking to depopulate our planet it is working in more ways than one.

After all, the “huge numbers” of deaths due to c-19 between February 2020 and December 2021 came in at a little over 6000 which means all the others’ deaths were due to other comorbidities.  And it is patently true that if people have multiple other underlying conditions or are frail and elderly, a simple cold can sadly knock them out.

How do YOU want to see YOUR world pan out?

It is only by groups speaking out yet at the same time accepting each others’ perspectives even if they are perceived to be wrong because like anything else in life, the truth always does and has to come out.

If you remember nothing else or seek to research what I say please do.  But – masks do not work.  The tests are another money making exercise and prove nothing (if you have the misfortune to be ill, take time out to recover, up your vitamins and minerals) and as for the injectables – they do not stop nor prevent transmission and repeated numbers can deplete your immune system.  Avoid mainstream media, reuters, fullfact.org and other paid government checkers and look at other news sources.  When researching there are two sides – go with your gut feeling and ask yourself, “does this feel right to me?”

Perhaps people are more aware of the extreme surveillance that is ramping up, the conditions in certain countries such as Israel (on their fourth j-a-b and starting to see issues), Australia and its extreme societal segregation as took place in Nazi Germany and New Zealand being zealously similar.  Europe where in many countries you need a special pass in order to live your life or travel freely, countries where one is unable to enter unless one has the certificate.  When on earth did we discriminate on the basis of an injectable for an illness that is eminently curable given the right medication?  And even in the latter there lies a tale of medication not being prescribed despite many successful trials illustrating its efficacy, preferring, instead a more expensive solution.  (see the BIRD group)

Why are the j-a-b companies exempt from indemnity too?

Stay strong, do your research and remember to always look beneath the surface. Even if you are reading this.

Another interesting, arguably more scientific version of what I’ve written is in this blog, worth a read if you are interested.

As Dan Astin Gregory says, “Question Everything”
News to watch instead of the BBC is UK Column.


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