Keeping You Updated

A short page ahead of 25th May to keep you informed about the legalities surrounding GDPR and how it impacts you and I.  I would love to keep in touch, so if you have received my latest newsletter, hopefully you will have clicked to stay in touch.

I guess many of you, like me, are pretty fed up with receiving endless emails about the GDPR. However I have to illustrate my compliance with the new regulations as I’m sure that will give you peace of mind that I won’t be bothering you with endless newsletters that have no interest to you whatsoever.  As I personally have a confidentiality clause in place, you can have my full assurance that your details are never shared outside of my practice unless I have reason to believe harm or terrorism is taking place in which case I have a duty of care to the wider society which I’m sure you understand! On another note you may be interested to hear that whilst I have worked successfully (I trust!) as a therapist for over ten years, my wish is to move into a more flexible role as a therapeutic coach and mentor; I also have an interest in the more esoteric, spiritual approach to life and would love to be able to keep in touch with you with new offerings & writings in the coming months.  This will encompass more in the realms of relationships, conflict resolution, and as I’ve always had a vested interest in food for mental health and weight loss, this will also be included in the future.
Mood & Food

There are certain foods that are implicated in helping raise our moods, or elevate serotonin levels which include meats such as turkey and chicken.  Some foods as you can see on the left, are just plain delicious, such as a cream tea.  But did you know there is something different about this particular cream tea?

More will be revealed as I update my website and introduce a completely different way of eating that can help with effortless weight loss, increase energy.

So please let me know if you want to stay in touch…

In Future…
I plan to run online workshops to help with specific issues such as…

  • Conflict Management
  • Weight Management
  • Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Change your Money Mindset
  • Relationship Breakup Recovery


I will never share your details, spam you with unnecessary information or use words like “pumped” or “stoked” or “super excited to share this content with you”.  I’m a genuine therapist. psychotherapist, mentor, coach and hard grafter who simply wants the world to be a happy place.  I usually do that one hour at a time, but in due course hope to help many more of you … one hour at a time.

When you receive your email please let me know your burning question regarding specific coaching / mentoring support!  And don’t forget to update your preferences!

Enjoy these summer months and it’s been my pleasure to share an hour (or more) with you.