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Unprecedented Times

In line with Government regulations with regards to COVID-19, all future sessions with me will be carried out via video link unless there are exceptional circumstances that will be discussed prior to your appointment.

When it comes to strict measures such as those applied during these times, it’s important to adhere to these as far as is humanly possible but like everything there are always exceptions and emergencies.  I am unable to comment on potential human greed, stockpiling and the like because I don’t know absolutely how people are thinking.  What is perhaps true is that there is a lot of fear going around, probably justified.

Yet still there are those who believe it won’t happen to them or it’s a case of survival of the fittest.  The point is that *we don’t know* what exactly will happen, we only know what is happening right NOW and for those in government, there is a need to protect the people – young, old, vulnerable, resilient.

There may be untruths being banded about, or “fake news”, people sharing things left right and centre that may not even be accurate.  I find that situation far more worrying.  The point is that people are dying from the virus, others are asymptomatic and may be carriers of the virus, yet others may be suffering from the virus but we won’t actually know because testing is not being carried out.

Therefore it is quite simple.  Stick to guidelines given as far as is humanly possible.  Wash your hands often, keep your hands away from your mouth, keep a minimum of 2 metres distance from others, stay away from social gatherings.  Disinfect everything, use anti-bac wipes etc.  Heed the advice so that we all have a future.

My thoughts with this crisis are that I wanted to believe it wasn’t true when I first heard about it on the news.  Rather naïve of me given that we live in a global economy, often suggesting how “small” the world has become.

The crisis has now affected my family directly in ways I will not discuss in detail on this medium.  People are caught up in travel situations, unable to get home.  I have to examine thoroughly my own ways of working.  As I am self employed the help is minimal from the government as I don’t make thousands of pounds each month.  My working patterns outside of the home will have to alter dramatically.

It leaves me with a sense of personal irritability because some of the guidelines simply are unsustainable; we are limited on shopping, either in person or online (no delivery slots, lack of availability of products, rising prices on certain items due to potential marketing greed). But also sadness for those who are vulnerable and have no choice but to lean on the more able to fetch and carry.  The staff on the “front line” including a member of my family who have to find creative ways to manage infection, key workers who are now requested to attend places of education in smaller numbers, the elderly who may have travelled and are now unable to return home despite government promises.

But it also leaves me thankful that we aren’t at war with each other by virtue of guns, countries invading one another and killing others because we are a different colour.

The irony is that we are now killing each other without any prejudice through this virus which may or may not have started in a laboratory, cross contamination with an animal (watch Contagion if you want something chilling to watch, although it’s a tad too long and loses the plot in parts due to its longevity).

Keep your distance, stay with your normal live-in members and stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Also whilst I agree it’s important to keep up with news updates, don’t simply watch the BBC – ; check out other news channels such as Al Jazeera English, Google News and more – there are more sources of information than ever before.  One advantage of today is that information is currently freely available, but this could change.

Stay safe & healthy, everyone!


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