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Tips to Release stress & tension

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A quick way to release tension, taken from Donna Eden’s book “Energy Medicine”.

Your face can hold a lot of tension, so here are two quick tension-release techniques:

    1. Place the pads of your fingers against your cheekbones.  Push upwards hard; gradually push your fingers along the curve of the cheekbone towards your ears.  This brings blood into your face and opens the spaces that had been tense.
    2. Lay one hand over your opposite shoulder.  Push in and pull your fingers forward over the shoulder.  Do three times on each side.

How to concentrate amid fear or stress

Feeling fear about doing something, performing at your optimal level etc can create a lot of stress and exhaustion.  Your mind may not remain focused.  Here are a few ways to help you:

  1. Put on some soothing background music and sway to it; move your hips in a natural figure of eight pattern.  You will find this strengthens all “energy crossovers” in the body, all the way up and through into the brain.
  2. On a large piece of paper or a whiteboard  / blackboard draw large sideways figure of eights over and over with the right hand, left hand and then both hands; the larger the drawing, the more the body incorporates the crossover.  The smaller the figure of eights, the more intricately the brain and eyes are involved.
  3. Hold the Wayne Cook posture (click for the link) which optimises the brain’s ability to take in new information and counteracts dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
  4. Massage the K27 points and do a vigorous Cross Crawl.
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