Recordings to Help You

Looking for help RIGHT NOW?  Check out my recordings below.  They are set to royalty free relaxation music.  I hope you enjoy them!  Simply click the images to purchase.

Are you or is someone you know getting all wound up with exams looming?  Then try this exam stress relief recording! Do you feel stuck?  A thought or behaviour pattern that just won’t shift? This recording will be just what you need! Looking for ways to deeply relax NOW?   Set to relaxing music, you can just put on the headphones, sit back in your chair and simply relax…
deep relaxation


The “best selling” 5 minute emotion release. If you are feeling zoned out with anxiety, download and listen to this recording. Want to raise your self esteem and feel generally more confident? Then this recording is for you! Feel like you’re carrying a ton of emotional  baggage from your past? Learn to release it….
Emotion Release Release Emotional Baggage
Do you just want to “let go?” Then let this recording guide you…
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