Have you recently experienced a relationship breakup?
Do you feel like you are struggling in your relationship – to feel heard, or perhaps you are tip-toe-ing around them, afraid to upset the apple cart?
Or perhaps you are sneaking around, doing what you need to do to feel safe, aware that making any mention of what you are doing will result in an explosion of temper?

Perhaps you want to move on to a new relationship and want to ensure old patterns are a thing of the past.

People often feel the need to see someone because basic needs aren’t being met, or perhaps you’ve been repeating a particular relationship pattern for years. You may find that traditional therapy hasn’t worked previously and you need something of a more interventionist nature from someone who’s been where you are.

Perhaps you’re experiencing dissatisfaction, lies, cover up. Or maybe you want *him* to change, or if only *she* would understand you, then all will be well.

You’ve landed here for a reason.

See this video clip talking about “Genuine Love”.

Download this worksheet to see if you are enacting any of these “four horsemen” (coined by John Gottman).

Or do you believe you are living with someone who is on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder? See here for an excellent article written by Maxine Aston.

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