Relationship Quizzes

Here are a few quizzes for you to try:

The Imago Quiz

The Five Love Languages quiz

What’s Your Conflict Management Style?  Often these “styles” rear in our relationships too – check out this page for more information!

Below is a quiz purely for you to see where you are in your relationship.  Make a note of the results and if you can see where changes can be made, do them!

Q.1) I thank my partner for ordinary things (dinner, putting fuel in car, repairs, laundry, etc) 

A Never B 2-3 times per year C Monthly D Weekly or more

Q.2) I express appreciation for my partner’s efforts, even when I would do the task differently. 

A Never B Rarely and only if it is done right C Regularly D Almost always

Q.3) I tell my spouse/partner positive qualities and behaviours I notice in him or her — whether they appear in our relationship, in relationships with others, or in his or her work. 

A Never B 2-3 times a year C At least monthly D Almost weekly

Q.4) I compliment my spouse or partner on his or her appearance (can be way he or she is dressed, physical features or some aspect of his or her sexuality) 

A Never B 2-3 times a year C Monthly D Almost weekly

Q.5) I express appreciation to my spouse/partner for specific ways he or she contributes to my life, to our relationship, and/or to our family. 

A Never B 2-3 times per year C Monthly D Weekly

Q.6) I express my gratitude or appreciation for my spouse/partner through physical affection (hugs, little kisses, squeezes, caresses, holding hands, other forms of non-sexual touching.) 

A Never B 2-3 times a year C Monthly D Weekly

Q.7) I try to communicate treasuring and appreciation of my spouse/partner through tender, treasuring, sensual or sexual connection. 

A Never B Rarely, although we do have sex C Monthly D Weekly

Q.8) I try to both tell and show my spouse partner how much I love him or her in a variety of ways. 

A Never B 2-3 times a year C Monthly D Weekly or more

Q.9) I appreciate or compliment my partner/spouse when we are with other people,( and tell him or her when I’ve told someone something great about him/her when not present) 

A Never B 2-3 times a year C Monthly D Almost weekly

Q.10) I comment about or joke about my spouse/partner’s mistakes, shortcomings or flaws when we are with other people. 

A Never B Maybe once a year C Fairly often D Regularly

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