An initial consultation which lasts 15 minutes is by phone or video link and is free of charge.

Alternatively please feel free to simply book in for a full session by clicking below.


Number of Sessions

The number of sessions vary depending on what you bring and the outcome you desire.

Fees Include

° Therapy sessions
° An individual structured plan as required
° Training in Self Hypnosis (if appropriate)
° Recordings used to support you during therapy (as desired)
° Session Notes
° Outline of homework before your next session
° Additional material (books, worksheets, leaflets)
° My support via email, telephone or Skype as appropriate.
° Treatments may involve programmes which will be discussed from the outset.
° Sessions can be on a pay as you go, flexible basis.

I work with Employment Assistance programmes and some insurance providers.

Cancellations / The Small Print

Please note I require 48 hours’ notice (two working days) if you wish to cancel.

If sufficient notice is not provided, charges may be made on a sliding scale, for example if you provide just one working day’s notice 50 percent of the session fee is payable.

If you provide no notice then the full fee is payable.  You can use this link to pay for your session. This is to protect myself and others from taking your space which will be reserved for you specifically.

If I can fit you in on a different day in the same week, charges may be waived.

After deciding to work together, your session day and time will be reserved for you on an ongoing basis until you decide to end or by mutual contracting.

Free or Reduced Fee Sessions

As a self employed sole trader with training, experience and many extraneous expenses involved in being an ethical therapist, it is only possible to offer this vital emotional / mental health service to our community if fees are honoured.

Many people believe that therapy should be free. The NHS provides therapy through your GP but there are waiting lists.  If you find private therapy is cost prohibitive, please ask your GP for support.

CBT can work very well in the short term, few studies have explored the longer term affects and many clients return following a period of CBT because the work did not go deep enough.

Equally some well respected solution therapies work extremely well, which is why I offer evidence-based solution focused therapy (either hypnotherapy or talking) to explore any root causes and help you master any subconscious messages that are holding you hostage from the past.  Much research has been done on “subconscious” approaches; your subconscious is you.  It might be a reason why you wear a “mask” on a daily basis to protect you from how you perceive others might view you.

Some people prefer ongoing support on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly as a simple check in.

You can be assured I have undergone rigorous training and have extensive experience together with continuing professional development and a good deal of life experience as well.  My aim is always to provide a transparent service with continuity of contact and following up as and when required.  Therapy is always your choice and whatever your decision I will support you.

I am unable to provide free initial consultations due to the nature of my work but it has been said that I regularly over-deliver to ensure you receive the right support for you.

Therapy Hours (but click the book appointment button which is regularly updated to find t

You may enjoy the benefits of Email or Video sessions from the comfort of your own home.  (See my email page for more information).