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Angel Cards

Confession time:  I like using Angel Cards [link to one of the packs I use].  I have many packs of these cards, here’s an illustration of one of them:  Angel Card Affiliate LinkSome people really love them and I think it brings a different element to working together.  They obviously are not scientific nor evidence based, before anyone jumps on me!

For me and for many others, they add a spiritual dimension to working together; sometimes when we work creatively such as using stones or cards, they tap into our intuitive selves, or right brained part of us to allow us to sit back, relax and go with what we feel.  There is no science, no “reading of the future” as obviously nothing is set in stone.  It is how we feel in a given moment that helps us sit with what we feel, what we would like to feel and then set the wheels in motion for what is truly right for us.

Please ask if you would like to work this way!

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